• June

    Customer information. Financial records. Intellectual property. The loss of data can have catastrophic consequences on your business if not adequately protected.

  • April

    The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus across the globe is making the headlines every single day. With an increase in the number of coronavirus cases globally, the government of almost all the countries has recommended people to maintain social distancing as it seems to be the most effective way to break the virus chain. Due…

  • February

    Maintaining password hygienes is the most fundamental aspect of securing your online life and is a striking problem of the internet age. Every year hundreds and thousands of user accounts are hacked by betrayal due to weak or reused passwords that are the bane of online life. The only way to limit password phishing and…

  • February

    Not long ago it was accounted for that the normal compensation for cybercriminals hampering individuals and organizations has expanded to over $41,000 in Q3 of 2019, a development of 13.1% over the past quarter. The expansion recommends that ransomware remains large business for digital lawbreakers. This is especially so as effective execution implies pain free…

  • January

    On October 30, 2019, Facebook arrived at a settlement with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (“ICO”) under which it consented to pay (without confirmation of obligation) the £500,000 fine forced by the ICO in 2018 in connection to the handling and sharing of its clients’ personal data with Cambridge Analytica. The ICO gave its Monetary…

  • October

    Today’s Information Age has been marked with technological advancements and digital innovations with data relevance that is the archetype of this genre. But with digitization, security measures were also given outstanding importance and came to be relied upon heavily in case of data security being taken for a ride and offensive data breaches coming to…

  • October

    In order to keep data secure and malicious agents at bay, it is important to practise this five-steps guide that will secure your perimeter from being devastated. With new roles being attributed to employees and changes in leadership, data security is very much palpable. New security end-points including employee information, customer payment information or business…

  • October

    Data Protection and data transparency will grow in tandem. Data Protection will be given increased importance with humongous data being shared across platforms such as social media channels and cloud applications, while answering calls of transparency as to how data has been collated. To meet these goals, companies will have to adopt enhanced technology solutions…

  • October

    All around the world, businesses have adapted to digital transformation, with data now being stored digitally on local (on-premise) systems, on cloud services or a hybrid mix of both. This has increased sensitive data’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks, which is why the government has laid down many data legislation which dictates companies on their data governance.…

  • September

    Cyber-attacks are increasing every year, and now they impede the data security of both businesses and individuals. However, cyber-security awareness has also improved dramatically, especially among businesses, ensuring better data protection of client data and information, as well their own sensitive data. The Australian government has even laid down Australian Privacy Principles legislation relating to…