• January

    Do you herd information, or is there an information maintenance system? Without question associations presently gather, store, process, oversee, break down and administer more information than any time in recent memory. Truth be told, the time of large information is by all accounts cultivating the flimsy thought that we have a commitment to hold any…

  • November

    In today’s hyper-active world, competition is fierce and companies must gear up to manage growth and respond proactively to diverse business goals. Scaling up the business to accommodate growth by leveraging resources in hand is the business requirement of today. A business that scales effectively will be able to rise up to the challenges which…

  • October

    Data Protection and data transparency will grow in tandem. Data Protection will be given increased importance with humongous data being shared across platforms such as social media channels and cloud applications, while answering calls of transparency as to how data has been collated. To meet these goals, companies will have to adopt enhanced technology solutions…

  • October

    It has been seen on many occasions that when an organization says that their Data Security is very secure with no data leaks, it is proved otherwise. Massive volumes of data are compromised every month suggesting the opposite. This goes to show that businesses are slow to react to the upcoming cyber crime threats and…

  • October

    There is no business irrespective of size and breadth, that is unknown to a data breach which is continuing to make headlines as they are trespassing major sites in the retail store market. It is the small businesses that are largely affected by a data breach, while it is quite surprising that the small businesses…

  • September

    Data breaches are ever increasing. During the period of 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019, 1,132 notifications were made to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) affecting over a million people. And no doubt, countless other breaches were unreported. Most of these breaches resulted from cyber-attacks, with phishing and spear-phishing common methods.…

  • August

    Article by Rohan Pearce, Computerworld. 26th August 2019. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is seeking parties to participate in early testing of the new data-sharing system, the Consumer Data Right (CDR). The government earlier this month legislated the CDR, which will allow an individual to request that an institution holding certain data about…

  • August

    Data lake and data warehouse are two types of repository for storing big data. However, this is where the similarity ends, since in general, a data lake has a flat architecture and is best suited to unstructured data, whereas data in a data warehouse is structured, and has data stored in files or folders. The…

  • August

    Data Management Strategy is not without its share of challenges; below we highlight seven that you may encounter during the development of your data management strategy. Challenge #1: Insufficient Comprehension and Acknowledgment of Big Data In many cases, organisations neglect to know even the pure basics of what big data is, its advantages, the foundations…

  • August

    Data has to be current and relevant and should take your business from zero to infinity.