• June

    Customer information. Financial records. Intellectual property. The loss of data can have catastrophic consequences on your business if not adequately protected.

  • February

    IoT and Security are interrelated and best comprehended by first understanding their individual roles cut out for them. IoT (Internet of Things) is a concept called machine to machine (M-M) connectivity realized by embedded sensors that engage the machines to communicate with one another, likewise not being restricted to machines alone. IoT also encompasses machines,…

  • February

    Data loss inadvertently affects every organization at some point in time and you could be left asking questions such as what data is backed up? Or Where is the data backed up? Or How long will it take to restore my backed up data? As it is imperative to resume business operations at once to…

  • January

    Digital rights are essentially human rights in the web world. The rights to online security and opportunity of articulation, for instance, are truly augmentations of the equivalent and natural rights laid out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As indicated by the UN, alienating individuals from the web damages these rights and…

  • January

    The Internet has become an increasingly difficult place to survive with malicious software viruses and phishing scams spreading fast and thin across networks. So much so that data breaches and identity thefts have become banal. The use of personal data and storing techniques have created endless risks to your privacy and financial losses all put…

  • November

    Data Privacy and Data Security are interlinked concepts and though not realms entirely different from each other, they have subtle differences that identify one from the other. Understanding their working will enable you to see how they complement each other. Data Privacy: Data Privacy encompasses the individuals who are authorized to manipulate data and nobody…

  • October

    In order to keep data secure and malicious agents at bay, it is important to practise this five-steps guide that will secure your perimeter from being devastated. With new roles being attributed to employees and changes in leadership, data security is very much palpable. New security end-points including employee information, customer payment information or business…

  • October

    All around the world, businesses have adapted to digital transformation, with data now being stored digitally on local (on-premise) systems, on cloud services or a hybrid mix of both. This has increased sensitive data’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks, which is why the government has laid down many data legislation which dictates companies on their data governance.…

  • September

    Since the inception of Facebook, we have seen it develop and evolve rapidly. From its early days as a social network to share posts and photos with friends and colleagues, it has now become a massive global advertising network. Did you know Facebook has approximately 2.41 billion monthly active users? As the biggest worldwide social…

  • August

    It’s time for you to install a cybersecurity solution well before you’ve noticed the warning signs that your computer is behaving oddly or you have become privy to some unknown files residing on your computer. It is also far too late to take action, once you hear that your competitor is a party to information…