Data Resilience is Complicated

Our team is here to help

Our independent team of business, technology and data consultants help you build data resilience, so you can focus on maximising its value and the opportunities that lie within.

Traditional, fragmented approaches to Data Resilience are ineffective and unmanageable, resulting in data breaches, leaks, financial penalties and executive resignations.  On an almost daily basis, the global media names and shames affected organisations, adding reputation and brand damage into an already devastating and complex situation of determining the impacts and recovery options.

Our Data Resilience Framework combines the governance, regulatory, operational and technical aspects needed to manage and protect your data and information assets, enabling you to leverage their value via customer insights, analysis and business intelligence.

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Our Data Resilience services combine industry analysis, consultancy and ongoing managed services.

We keep you up-to-date with changes in local, international and industry-specific legislation and regulation and notify you when your data may be affected.

Our Central Policy Engine manages data governance, privacy and breach management requirements, ensuring you’re forearmed at all times.


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