Our 8-point model provides an integrated, end-to-end, real-time solution to improve improve Data Resilience


    Have we defined Data Governance and Management Polices and Processes to underpin all aspects of Data Resilience?​


    What are the types of insurance policies and appropriate levels of cover required to adequately protect the data and information we manage?​


    What local and international Privacy Laws and Regulations do we need to comply with in the industries and markets we operate in?​


    Do we have current and tested Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery and Backup/ Archiving Polices that enable us to respond to incidents and minimise the impact on our business operations?​


    Do we have the required levels of cyber and information security policies, processes and tools in place to protect our data and information from intruders?​


    Have we assessed insider threats and how our employees, contractors and vendors are monitored to prevent data fraud, theft or damage?​


    Have we defined a clear process to report Data Breaches to out customers and the relevant regulatory bodies to ensure we meet our contractual and legal obligations?​


    What data are we collecting from, or providing to, external third parties ? Do we have the necessary data-sharing policies, processes and tools in place to protect data shared outside of our organisation?​



Data Resilience helps companies to:

Map current and planned data landscapes, identify risks and opportunities

Understand data and privacy legislation and privacy laws

Implement strategies, policies and tools to manage data resilience

Provide managed-services to ensure ongoing compliance

By taking a holistic, rather than fragmented, approach to Data Resilience, our framework ensure organisations minimise risk and maximise the value of their data assets.

Our Data Resilience Framework considers both the technical and non-technical aspects that provide an end-to-end management solution for your most strategic asset: corporate data and information. The Framework includes legal, compliance, privacy, insurance, cyber security, breach management, business continuity, disaster recovery, backup, archiving and third-party data management.

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Our methodology and project approach is business-focused, not technology focused.

Firstly, we use face-to-face discussions and workshops to understand your Data Resilience goals, current posture, information risks, analytics goals and in-flight initiatives.

For deeper analysis, we combine in-house and third-party software tools to supplement our consultancy approach.  Use of tools is always discussed with our clients before proceeding, to ensure that proposed tools are suitable, fit to requirements and deliver the required outcomes.

Our focus is two-fold: to reduce your data and information risk, whilst enabling opportunities to maximise the value in your data and information.  After all, risk minimisation, preventing breaches and staying above the law is critical to every business, but the real value comes from Business Intelligence, Analytics and Customer Insights, where you truly leverage a return on your Data Resilience investment.