Data Privacy v/s Data Security
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Data Privacy and Data Security are interlinked concepts and though not realms entirely different from each other, they have subtle differences that identify one from the other. Understanding their working will enable you to see how they complement each other.

Data Privacy:

Data Privacy encompasses the individuals who are authorized to manipulate data and nobody else other than those defined by the parameters can gain entry here. Whereas on the other hand, Data Security is all about limiting unauthorized access by securing the said data against evaders.

Data Privacy defines the people who are permitted to work on the data secluding the rest. At the same time data security borders on the execution of secure procedures that are directed by data privacy.

This means that these terms, data security and data privacy bring an ecology of data compliance and safety to a system in a state of constant alert due to hackers and cyber security. This in turn has manifold repercussions which can be seen in business, politics and society as a whole. Data compliance measures are taking care that relevant data aligns itself with regulatory processes and enterprise business rules. These regulations are termed Privacy Policy in U.S and Protection Policy in UK.

Data Security:

Data security is usually referred to as the classification, accessibility, and integral practices that define data. As it were, in entirety, it is the practices and procedures that are set up to guarantee data isn’t being utilized by unauthorized people. Data security guarantees that the information is precise and solid and is accessible when those with approved access need it. A data security plan incorporates aspects, for example, gathering the necessary data, guarding it, and demolishing any data that is never again required. These means will enable any business to meet the security constraints of having delicate information.

Data Privacy is guarding data and using it only when appropriate use of data by acknowledged vendors or companies entrusts them to use the data as directed by data security.

Data Privacy v/s Data Security:

Data Security is ensured to protect the right of individuals to privacy of data without any encroachment of unnecessary elements, thus protecting consumer information diligently. A data security is by far denoted as a means to an end and the end is data privacy.

Confirming all data is secure and directed properly involves multiple levels of security. In today’s ecosystem with cyber attacks and threats rampant, one needs to ensure strict data compliance, of which data privacy and data security are the bedrocks. Data Privacy is ensuring individual data is no longer privy to different parties and that individuals have integrity of thought and control over Personal Information. Secrecy of data rests with data privacy.

Wrapping Up:

In order to maintain secrecy of data, IT professionals should spell out the way the data is being used and stored across the company spectrum with respect to the available methods, procedures and guidelines. Data privacy is using policies and procedures to implement certain safeguards. Data Security uses physical and key logical methods to ensure data privacy and data security. One ensures the success of the other in a nutshell.

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