Why Data Resilience Is More Important Than Data Security?
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The news of data breaching and cyber-attacks regularly makes headlines and preventing such unprecedented cyber-attacks have become the primary concern of all the companies. Executive clients, as well as customers, are highly attuned to protect personal and organizational data. Data is of utmost importance today to maintain the continuity of modern businesses. Data is something that drives revenues, fuels the business by creating efficiencies, building connections, and profits. The dependency of the modern corporate world on the digitized data caused by their ubiquity reveals their hidden weakness. With the growth of business values, the dependency on the huge amount of data increases, and with that, there is a need to protect the data from cybercriminals.

What Do You Mean By Data Resilience?

Data Resilience is a basic strategy that aims to protect the data and also offer quick responses to mitigate data breaches. Data resilience is also about responding to the threats and recovering the lost or compromised data. This ensures that business can be continued without any interruption.

Significance Of Data Resilience:

The data resilience is more important than data security because the damage caused to data through breaching is multifold. Data threats and cyberattacks disrupt the smooth functioning of operational businesses. As soon as the organization’s data is compromised, it creates a massive implication on the growth and functioning of the business. It also creates a negative impression in the eyes of your clientele and customers. The reputation of the corporate house becomes questionable.

In today’s era, the traditional security measures are not enough. Cybercriminals are tactful in their approach and it is very reasonable to assume that cyber attackers will eventually gain access to the organization’s computer systems. Data resilience is quite essential for organizations to help the team in preparing the formulated strategies that will withstand unprecedented cybercrimes.

Data Resilience Can Enhance The Security System Of The Organization:

Data resilience is not only capable of responding to the cyber attacks but also helps the organization to survive it. By incorporating a good data resilience program, organizations can easily develop strategies that can work in the existing IT infrastructure. Moreover, it also helps in boosting the safety and security of the systems by preventing cyber attacks.

Maintaining Organization’s Budget and Avoid Financial Losses:

The credibility of an organization can be analyzed from the immunity to cyber-attack. Whether you are a small enterprise or large, the financial damage caused due to a data breach can cost you a fortune. If an organization has an effective data resilience strategy in place, the effect of the attack will be reduced, and so is the financial losses.

Data Resilience Can Help In Getting Regulatory Requirements:

It helps in complying with the legal regulations that will help in the organization’s security systems. With the help of the General Data Protection Regulation, you can easily protect data privacy and also re-establish the organization’s approach towards data protection.

Data Resilience Is Required To Protect Organization’s Reputation:

Managing and controlling the damage caused by cyber-attacks and cyber threats is quite challenging. Data resilience prevents an organization from public scrutiny, fines from regulators, and an abrupt reduction in sales, or worse, loss of business.

Data Resilience Helps In Maintain The Trust From Suppliers And Customers:

During a tough time, data resilience is more important than data security. It assists the organization in maintaining the hard-earned trust from the customers and suppliers. The absence of proper data resilience strategy and approach and cause severe damage to an organization’s reputation and customers whose confidentiality was compromised would lose their trust.


In today’s era, it is impossible for the business to survive the competition without having a strong digital presence. Although, Data security is very essential, what is more important is Data Resilience. It is not just enough to create and maintain a secure network but the organization must also have the ability to respond to the cyber threats and adopt new technologies that are feasible in responding to any potential breaches.

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