Understanding Data Governance
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First published by Lindsay Wise, Contributor, CIO.  6 Sept 2016.

Whether implementing self-service dashboards, developing reporting processes to meet regulatory compliance, or defining BI strategy, one common challenge seems to arise: governance. When evaluating both business and technical challenges that exist, the following questions come up consistently:

  • How can we ensure that source data can be trusted?
  • How do we develop strong data quality parameters that are consistent and repeatable?
  • Can our current data support better customer experience initiatives?
  • How can we leverage analytics to provide a comprehensive view of our business

All of these touch on the need for consistent business rules and processes associated with an organization’s information assets. Additionally, when organizations begin to understand the relevance of these questions to their overall information management strategy, they are ready to start developing a strong data governance initiative that combines governance requirements with analytics.

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