• March

    Are you familiar with a Data Breach insurance policy? If you are, you know that it is what one protects. Now is the time whether one may be suitable for your business, in this period of Data Protection. With cyber threats always develop, together with the increase rapidly price of data breaches, it’s no wonder…

  • November

    In today’s hyper-active world, competition is fierce and companies must gear up to manage growth and respond proactively to diverse business goals. Scaling up the business to accommodate growth by leveraging resources in hand is the business requirement of today. A business that scales effectively will be able to rise up to the challenges which…

  • October

    Today’s Information Age has been marked with technological advancements and digital innovations with data relevance that is the archetype of this genre. But with digitization, security measures were also given outstanding importance and came to be relied upon heavily in case of data security being taken for a ride and offensive data breaches coming to…

  • October

    Data Protection and data transparency will grow in tandem. Data Protection will be given increased importance with humongous data being shared across platforms such as social media channels and cloud applications, while answering calls of transparency as to how data has been collated. To meet these goals, companies will have to adopt enhanced technology solutions…

  • September

    These days, companies are increasingly using Digital Transformation (“DX”) and Business Intelligence (“BI”) and Data Analysis to inform their business strategies and growth plans. The world has seen exponential data growth in the past few years, which has driven the need for all organisations to implement best-practice methods for data protection and data management. Due…

  • September

    Since the inception of Facebook, we have seen it develop and evolve rapidly. From its early days as a social network to share posts and photos with friends and colleagues, it has now become a massive global advertising network. Did you know Facebook has approximately 2.41 billion monthly active users? As the biggest worldwide social…

  • August

    Data Analysis is a procedure of assessing, purifying, changing and displaying information to find helpful data, support decision-making and increasing customer insights. Data Analysis has numerous aspects and methodologies, incorporating assorted strategies under numerous names, and is utilised across the business, science, and sociology areas. In the present business world, data analysis works to support…

  • August

    By gaining exposure to external networks, there comes the perennial issue of data security and data monitoring.

  • April

    First published by Robert Seiner, TDAN.com, 1 Aug 2018. This blog’s title is very similar to the name of a famous Rod Stewart album that contains a signature song of the same name at its core. When it comes down to it, there is a lot of truth to both the title of the song…