Data Privacy vs Data Security

Data Privacy v/s Data Security

Data Privacy and Data Security are interlinked concepts and though not realms entirely different from each other, they have subtle differences that identify one from the other. Understanding their working will enable you to see how they complement each other. Data Privacy: Data Privacy encompasses the individuals who are authorized to manipulate data and nobody…

Steps To Identify Protect Sensitive Data

Steps To Identify & Protect Sensitive Data

Today’s Information Age has been marked with technological advancements and digital innovations with data relevance that is the archetype of this genre. But with digitization, security measures were also given outstanding importance and came to be relied upon heavily in case of data security being taken for a ride and offensive data breaches coming to…

Key Steps To Ensure GDPR Compliance

Key Steps To Ensure GDPR Compliance!

General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR) is a law concerning every EU citizen and enforced on all 28 member states of the EU overhauling the Data Protection Directive of spring 1995 to bring into focus the protection of privacy of individuals in European Union (EU). This way the GDPR ensures rights of EU citizens and…

6 Security Steps to Follow for Your Data Protection

Six Data Protection Steps to Follow

Cyber-attacks are increasing every year, and now they impede the data security of both businesses and individuals. However, cyber-security awareness has also improved dramatically, especially among businesses, ensuring better data protection of client data and information, as well their own sensitive data. The Australian government has even laid down Australian Privacy Principles legislation relating to…