Your Data Resilience journey commences with our Data Impact Assessment; to develop an understanding of the data sources you are developing, collecting and managing.  Tied to business objectives and impacts, we provide a business focused assessment of your data and how it may impact your business from a regulatory, compliance, financial, customer and legislative perspective.

    Deliverables include an understanding of the impact to the organisation, estimated data value and identification of priority-focused use cases and roadmap.

    Download our Data Impact Assessment Service Overview.  Online/Web version. High Quality Print version.


    Assess relevant & applicable legislation for your organisation and provide a gap of current data landscape and posture. Meet compliance requirements and identify gaps against standards and legislation.  Monitoring ongoing changes to European GDPR, Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), Principles for Risk, Data Aggregation and Reporting (BCBS239), HIPPA andother international and industry-specific data regulations and standards is a critical component of managing data risk, whilst maximising its’ value.  Whether your preference is minimal compliance to standards, or industry best-practice and certification, the Data Resilience team can take you there.

    Download our Compliance & Legislation Service Overview. Online/Web version (374Kb)High Quality Print version (6Mb)


    Assess how Data Quality meets business needs, policies, procedures and standards at the level of transactions, analytics, reference data, master/meta data.  A critical pre-cursor to any kind of BI/Analytics, ‘clean fuel’ is needed for the engine before any kind of analytics is undertaken’.

    Download our Data Quality Assessment OverviewOnline/Web version (374Kb). High Quality Print version (6Mb).


    Assess the current data protection capabilities including access, availability, backup, retention, archive and disposal methods. Understand your existing capabilities to meet security, retention, compliance and business continuity requirements.

    Download our Data Retention Service Overview.  Online/Web version (374kb)High Quality Print version (6Mb).


    With the foundations of data management and governance in place, value creation commences. We can determine your data-value, whether this is based on market value, cost of bad data, data opportunity cost, values of various data categories, or a combination of all of these methods; enabling you to leverage the value in your biggest corporate asset: data.

    Download our Data Valuation Service Overview.  Online/Web version (374Kb)High Quality Print version (6Mb).


    Our Data Resilience Maturity Assessment is an 8-point assessment of assessment of your data posture across Cyber Security, Insider Threats, Privacy & Breach Management, Insurance, Data Governance, Data Quality, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Data Backup and Compliance Management: a holistic assessment, based on the industry-standard Capability Maturity Model (CMM) framework, providing you with a prioritised roadmap of focus areas to improve overall Data Resilience Maturity.

    Download our Data Resilience Maturity Assessment Overview.  Online/Web Version (374Kb)High Quality Print version (6Mb).