• September

    Cyber-attacks are increasing every year, and now they impede the data security of both businesses and individuals. However, cyber-security awareness has also improved dramatically, especially among businesses, ensuring better data protection of client data and information, as well their own sensitive data. The Australian government has even laid down Australian Privacy Principles legislation relating to…

  • September

    Data has become the most valuable asset in today’s world. An individual’s personal data allows companies to efficiently develop, tailor and market their services and products based on user demographics, interests and spending habits. But data breaches have increased significantly over the past few years, imposing threats to an individual’s privacy. As a result, many…

  • April

    First published by Lindsay Wise, Contributor, CIO.  6 Sept 2016. Whether implementing self-service dashboards, developing reporting processes to meet regulatory compliance, or defining BI strategy, one common challenge seems to arise: governance. When evaluating both business and technical challenges that exist, the following questions come up consistently: How can we ensure that source data can…