• November

    A brand image or to that extent, a brand equity is made up of company assets that enhance the product value. Thus brand equity is rightfully defined as when assets far outweigh its liabilities, brand equity can be used to boost customer loyalty, deepen customer relationships, and optimize pricing. Thus it can be said at…

  • October

    It has been seen on many occasions that when an organization says that their Data Security is very secure with no data leaks, it is proved otherwise. Massive volumes of data are compromised every month suggesting the opposite. This goes to show that businesses are slow to react to the upcoming cyber crime threats and…

  • October

    All around the world, businesses have adapted to digital transformation, with data now being stored digitally on local (on-premise) systems, on cloud services or a hybrid mix of both. This has increased sensitive data’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks, which is why the government has laid down many data legislation which dictates companies on their data governance.…